Karina’s Cake House in Glendale

Located in the heart of Glendale, Karina’s Cake House has been serving exquisite cakes and pastries since 1999. The Armenian cake house is notorious for the impeccable quality and amazing flavor infused in all of its creations.

The infamous Kievsky Cake at Karina’s Cake House consists of layers of fluffy meringue combined with hazelnuts and buttercream filling. The crispy texture of the meringue is perfectly paired with a light, creamy filling, an unforgettable combination that continues to please the taste buds of sweet-lovers everywhere.

The exquisite Bird’s Milk is another favorite at Karina’s Cake House, consisting of light, creamy layers of filling topped with a savory chocolate glaze. The cake is rich with flavor yet light and creamy, so one is never enough.

For meringue lovers, the heavenly meringue cookie sandwich is a delectable treat that consists of a creamy hazelnut filling between two layers of crispy meringue that melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.

Praised for its savory creations, Karina’s Cake House continues to strive for quality and delicious desserts that will always leave you craving more!


515 S Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA 91205
Phone: (818) 240-6718
Mon.-Sun. 8am-8pm